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General Policies

It is our most important goal that we at Little River Bluffs (LRB) provide all of our guests with accommodations that are enjoyable and memorable all while offering venues that are affordable to those seeking a spur of the moment get-away or a good ole fashion family vacation. In an effort to help us maintain our venues and keep our rates affordable for you and other guests following in the future, we ask that you take a moment to review the following so that you have a good understanding of our policies during your stay. Please remember that most venues charge security deposits with reservations in an effort to apply additional stay charges or potential damage done to assets and properties. We at LRB believe in the honor system and trust our guests will respect our property and value it as their own hence the reason we do not charge extra deposit fees.

Upon booking your reservation, you will be prompted to check the “Agree to Policies” prior to getting your confirmation and doing so confirms that you and your guests have read and agree to the following:

Check-in Policy
An approximate deposit of 60% is required to secure your reservation and are not confirmed until payment has cleared LRB’s system. Our standard rates cover up to four (4) persons, any additional persons must be specified when initially booking. There is. A $25 per person, per day/night charge, plus tax for additional guest. If additional persons are determined post the initial reservation, contact our office immediately of such changes. Otherwise, additional fees may apply. Balances are due PRIOR to check-in. The balance of your stay will be charged on the card you book with on the date of check-in, unless you contact the office to make other arrangements.

Check Out Time: 11:00 am.

Credit Card Charges
You agree to authorize LRB to charge your credit card for your full stay charges and damages, extra venue fees, excessive cleaning fees or any assets that get removed from the premises stemming from your stay.

Cleaning fees are as follows 1-4 guest $100 plus tax, for groups
of 5 and over $150, plus tax.

Item Inventory at Cabins
You agree to review the inventory list located in each cabin and notify LRB within 24 hours of check in if any item(s) are incorrectly posted on this inventory list. Please note that a video of the “state of the cabin” has been recorded so a clear depiction of the cabin’s assets are identified, as well as verified by a staff member for third party confirmation. This is to protect both LRB and its’ guests.

You accept full responsibility for yourself and your guests and pets if any injury or accident occurs while on LRB grounds– not caused by LRB’s own gross negligence. You also agree to hold LRB harmless for other liabilities including but not limited to any “Acts of God” causing tree debris/hail fallings that may affect people, pets or vehicles.

Additional Fees
Day Guest Strictly Enforced!
There is a $25 per person per day guest fee charge, plus tax for all day visitors. All day guests must be registered by LRB’s office prior to their arrival with limits up to 2-day guests per cabin. Registered guests are responsible for reporting the number of day visitors to the office for approval. Per our insurance policy guidelines, LRB is required to know the number of total registered guests and day guests on grounds at all times. In the event registered guests do not participate in this policy and LRB staff learns of additional visitors, an assessment fee of $50 will apply and LRB’s office will assume that these guests be considered over-night stays and the extra $25 per person per night fee will apply to the entirety of the registered guest reservation stay or the registered guests may be asked to vacate the premise without refund.

Over-night Guest Strictly Enforced!
Each cabin has a specified rate up to a limit of guests. When registered guests make the initial reservation, a clear policy states what the rate covers in terms of the number of guests. In most cases with exception to the Tree Top Loft, the rate includes up to 4 persons. Reservations for guests over the covered rate will be assessed a $25/per person per night fee when making the reservation. Any changes post the reservation process must be disclosed to LRB’s office so that the added changes can be applied immediately! For those guests who elect not to participate in this policy and LRB staff learns of additional guests present over the stated reservation amount, a $50 additional assessment fee will be applied as well as the per person per night fee of $25 for the entirety of the registered guest reservation or the registered guests may be asked to vacate the premise with no refund. A maximum of 7 beds at the Chalet, a maximum of 6 beds at the Meadow Cabin, a maximum of 1 bed, 1 queen sleeper sofa for the Guest House and a maximum of 1 king size bed for the Tree Top Loft, limiting this unit to 2.

Golf Carts
Golf Carts are available for a $25/per day fee, plus tax. Please observe the Golf Cart Rules posted in the golf cart itself. These rules will be strictly enforced. All golf cart renters are asked to respect private property signs and agree to not get on private propery as LRB does have neighbors who deserve their privacy. All golf cart renters acknowledge full responsibility of golf cart and take responsibilty for any damage to golf cart while in their use. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to drive golf carts.

We are a pet friendly facility except for the Tree Top Loft. Pets in this unit are NOT allowed and will be strictly enforced. There is a 25 lb limit per pet in all other units and only (1) one pet per reservation is allowed. A non-refundable ($50) pet fee, plus tax will be required. Pets are required to be on leashes at ALL times during walks on grounds. You will also be required to bring a kennel in the event you should need to leave your pet unattended in the cabin. A pet bed and our pet policies are provided upon arrival and will be located at the cabin for your furry friends. Please refer to the pet policy provided.

Outside Normal Wear and Tear Damage
All guests are responsible for caring for all cabin and ground assets. We ask that you care for these items as if they were your own. In the event damage outside normal wear and tear occur, a damage fee will be applied subject to the cost of the damage. Please immediately report all damage to LRB’s office. It is our policy that we retain video records of each cabin and ground assets prior to the new guest arrivals to properly record the “state of each cabin” so that a documented log be made available for review in case there are any discrepancies for these charges. There will also be a charge for any asset items that are removed from our venues at replacement cost.

Guest Departures
You agree to our “Check-out policy (11:00am on your departure date as noted in your confirmation) and that you further understand that an extended stay fee of $100 will be assessed if guests are in violation. Guests will not be allowed to go beyond one (1) hour from the posted check out time or LRB will have the right to have you and your guests removed from the premises (Louisiana Statute 21:75). Arrangements can be made prior to the 11:00 check out time regarding extended check out requests but must be authorized by an LRB representative. This strict policy allows for us to properly clean cabins prior the next guest arrivals. Please respect this request.

You agree to return cabin keys to their assigned location or you will be responsible for a $100 key fee replacement.

Upon departure, we also ask guests to do a few simple tasks, start the dishwashers and start towels to wash. (DO NOT STIP BEDS). This in an effort to keep our cleaning fees to a minimum. Also, on your way out, please bag and dispose of trash. The trash depository building is located just inside the main gate (Garden Lane Gate). DO NOT leave any food or bait on the porches as the critters will find it. PACK TRASH TIGHTLY, NO HOLES/LEAKS. This will greatly assist our cleaning staff in flipping cabins. And again our goal is to keep cleaning fees at a minimum for all. Guests who choose to NOT to participate in these requests will be accessed an additional $50 cleaning fee. If an extra “out of the ordinary cleaning” is required, a photo or video indicating same will be supplied to the registered guest and additional fees will apply depending on the severity of cleaning needed. Note: guests staying in the Tree Top Loft need not worry about starting the dish washer or washing machine as neither are provided. However, we ask that you remove your trash and deposit it at the Garden Lane Gate trash house.

Deposits are not refundable. However, if notice is given 30 days prior to the original reservation dates and the rental property is re-booked for the same dates, the full deposit may be applied to a future stay. This transfer of deposit can only be transferred one time and if you have rescheduled from a prior cancellation more than once a new deposit will be required.

All cabins are smoke free and are equipped with hidden cigarette smoke indicators. Smokers may smoke outside but please do NOT throw butts on the ground. For all smokers, please dispose of cigarette butts properly to keep our preserve litter free. If it is determined that your cabin has been smoked in, an additional cleaning fee of $100 will be assessed. For the enjoyment of all guests and everyone's safety, this policy is strictly enforced. Also, CANDLES are NOT allowed. Sorry folks, our insurance policy prohibit the use of candles and other flammable objects in our accommodations. Thank you for understanding.

River or Pond Fishing
Catch and release applies to any catch over one pound. Fishing is allowed in both the pond and river and 2-fishing poles and tackle are available for rental at $25/day fee plus tax. Any artificial lures lost will be at the expense of the guest. Poles and tackle are a first come first serve bases.

Under no circumstances are firearms allowed on the premises. No exception! Guests electing NOT to follow this policy will be asked to vacate the premise without refund.

Quiet Time Strictly enforced!
We at LRB encourage all guests to have a great time. However, excessive loud music, continual loud celebrations and indecent language will not be tolerated. We ask that beyond 10:00pm all group celebrations that may be loud be taken inside to respect other guests and neighbors that are wanting to enjoy a little more peace and quiet. Please respect other guest space when multiple groups are in the same common area. Guests that elect not to cooperate in this policy will be asked to leave the premise without refund.

Kayak/Paddleboat/Fishing Boat/Bike Use
There are no rental fees associated with LRB kayaks, paddle boats or bikes. However, the registered guest on the reservation will be responsible for all kayaks/boats and bikes used by their party which include lost or damage kayaks, paddles or life preservers, bikes. Guests are responsible for washing out kayaks while in the river and for returning all used kayaks, paddles and life preservers back onto the kayak stand, boats and paddle boats back to boat area and bikes back to bike hut. PLEASE honor this request as it helps keep a “no rental” fee associated with their use. Remember these items are for ALL guest to enjoy.

Special Notes
The Meadow Cabin is the most appropriate cabin for guests with small children. No children under the age of 5 are permitted in River Chalet for safety reasons. Give us a call if you have questions.

Please be conscientious of your litter, take with you what you bring. Leave no trace. Thank you.

4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

At the time of booking, 50% of the reservation balance will be collected. Payment for all retail items and gift certificates will also be collected. Applies to: all reservations.

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.